Galerie Yeche Lange RealWorld Raffle Event~

Buy Raffle Ticket NFTs- win physical artworks delivered to your door!

The more ticket NFTs you have- the greater chance of winning~ each ticket corresponds to the artwork in its lower right corner.

4 artworks from the inaugural exhibition at our NYC galerie- HAIRCUTS

Works by~
Evil Biscuit
Jared Madere x Pauly Stone Jiva
Wretched Worm

4 winners will be selected from the total pool of minted tickets and put into a private telegram with the top ticket holders. Artwork trades and private sales can be conducted within the telegram between winners and top holders.

Raffle runs from Tuesday 7.9.24 through Tuesday 7.16.24

Everlasting Worth, No Losers: Raffle Ticket NFTs Hold Mystery Value Beyond Event proportional to ticket holdings

The raffle has ended.